Colour Change Wraps

  • Want an alternative to painting your existing vehicle? Why not cover it in a extensive vinyl colours we carry…it’s up to you.
  • Our experienced installers will make sure that when we finish, it will be difficult tell if it is a wrap or a newly painted vehicle. Contact us today.

Stealth Wraps

  • Looking for a matte or satin look for your vehicle but also want to protect it from chips caused from road debris? Then what you are looking for is a stealth wrap.
  • A stealth wrap is a paint protection film that has a matte finish to it. It turns your shinny gloss paint to a more of a satin/matte look and at the same time it will protect your vehicle from rock chips.
  • Give us a call to see what the cost will be to turn your vehicle into something that will turn heads on the road.

Custom Graphics

  • Want to separate your vehicle from all the others but don’t know what to do? Sometimes a subtle change makes all the difference.
  • Hood stripes, roof wraps, carbon fiber accents…we do it all! All our customs graphics…well…are custom. We don’t just buy the kits and install them, we customize it for your vehicle.
  • Contact us if you want to make your vehicle look custom!

Commercial Wraps

  • Thinking of advertising your business by wrapping your vehicle? Then let us wrap up that idea up for you!
  • Marketing your vehicle is one of the most effective ways to advertise your services or business. If you think about how many people are driving around on a daily basis, all of them are your potential customers! Just think, you’re probably looking at wrapping your vehicle because you saw some else do it and it made you look.
  • Contact us today and let’s go over your ideas and have one of our designers come up with a concept that will best represent your service or business. We will work within your budget and timeline.

Window Tinting

  • Looking to spruce up your ride by tinting your windows? Then give us a call!
  • Don’t just let anyone tint your windows, have one of our tinters properly install it for you. Our installers have over 10+ years of experience in the industry and are 3M certified.
  • If you want it done right, then give us a call to schedule you in.

Paint Protection

  • Did you just buy a vehicle and plan on keeping it? Then why not protect it with paint protection film to minimize rock chips caused from road debris.
  • Maxpo Graphic’s paint protection division is a full protection film service for your vehicle. Our vehicle database has multiple configurations for every vehicle’s profile and we can even customize the protection packages based on your needs and budget.
  • We offer everything from your standard film coverage on the hood, fender mirror kits to a complete vehicle protection.
  • Each one of our installers have over 10+ years of experience with installing all types of paint protection films and are 3M Certified. By employing the best, the result is you get the best quality!
  • Contact us today for an estimate